Rancid X

The Rancid X,
Were an Italian rock / punk / rock band , formed in Turin/ Italy early 1977 from the guitarist Roby Milanesio.

Brief  history  of  The  Band

The first lineup consisting of, Roby Milanesio ( guitar/vocal ), Johnny Greco ( guitar/vocal), Pier-Michel Volpi ( bass), Mauro Arietti( drums).
In 1978 Mauro Arietti leaves the band. A new lead vocal, Aldo Giordano and new drummer Walter Goglino, become effective members of the Band.
Roby, Johnny and Aldo write original material and move to Milan.
The Phonogram SpA, shows interest to the sound of Rancid X and their material, the producer Nico Papathanassiou (brother of Vangelis), after hearing the songs, decided to put the Band under contract.
The Rancid X, appear at the music business industry in 1978, with the release of their first and only album for the Polydor label, L.P. ” Voices ”.
The album gets a good reception and critique from the musical press as one of the most interesting and mature Punk-Rock L.P. made ​​in Italy.
The Producer and the label decided to anticipate the album with the publication of a single 7” with 2 tracks:
Side A -Intoxication
Side B – Hard Knee
In the first months of 1979 the band goes on a tournee through Italy. The band performs in many different Cities getting good succes and sold out in every venues.
Unfortunately, the sudden defection of two members of the band caused a first stop of a few months in the preparation of the new songs for the second album and finally the sudden and premature dissolution of this band.

Background informations
Band Rancid X
Origin Turin, Italy
Genres Rock- Punk-Rock
Years active 1977-1979
Label Polydor
Producer Nico Papathanassiou
LP Voices -#2448 079 – Y.1978
7” (A) Intoxication / (B) Hard Knee
Website www.rancidx.com
Members Aldo Giordano ( vocal)
Johnny Greco ( lead guitar/vocal)
Roby Milanesio ( rhythm guitar /vocal)
Pier-Michel Volpi ( Bass)
Walter Goglino ( Drums)